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We understand that life can be unpredictable and sometimes circumstances beyond your control may require you to cancel an appointment. However, we kindly ask for your understanding of the impact that last-minute CANCELLATIONS AND NO SHOWS have on our small business.

When you book an appointment, we reserve that time and space specifically for you. This means that we turn away other potential clients to ensure that your spot is secured. When a CANCELLATION is made with little notice or if a client does NOT SHOW UP, we are often unable to fill that spot, resulting in a loss of income and we're sitting for x amount of hours until the next client comes in.

To mitigate this, we have implemented the following cancellation policy:

1. Credit Card information will be taken to reserve your appointment

2. We require a minimum of a 24-hour notice for any CANCELLATIONS or changes to your appointment. This gives us ample time to offer the slot to another client.

3. For CANCELLATIONS made less than 24 hours before the appointment, we will charge a CANCELLATION FEE of 50% of the service cost. This is to cover the loss we incur for the empty hours not filled with an appointment.

4. In the case of a NO SHOW, where a client fails to show up for their appointment without any prior notice, we will charge a fee of 100% of the service cost.

5. Exceptions may be made in the case of emergencies or unforeseen circumstances at the discretion of the management.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation with this policy. It allows us to better serve all of our clients and ensures the sustainability of our business.

Thank you for your continued support.

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